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In my years of working on cars first as hobby, then with NASCAR, followed by a career in the automotive industry, there was always a time when we would look at each other and say “ok it’s time to get it aligned, what do we do now.” It’s not that we didn’t understand alignments, it was a matter of getting the job done by someone we trusted that would set our cars the way we wanted it. Understand that with most computerized equipment you are limited as to what can be done because of the person operating it. You take your “weekend warrior” or your dropped pride and joy to your local alignment shop and tell him you want ¼ toe out on the front and 1/8 toe in on the rear and 2 degrees of negative camber all the way around, the look you will get from that person is almost guaranteed to be a blank stare.

With that thought in mind, Alignment Simple Solutions was created. The Quick Trick Alignment System is simplistic and effective and the perfect way, to let anyone check their own alignment, without having to trust someone else. In a matter of minutes you will be able to check your alignment on ANY vehicle. There is no special training needed to operate our tools, if you can read a tape measure you are 99.9% trained. The other .1% of your training is reduced to opening a box.

If at any time you need assistance our technical support staff is available 24/7. We take great pride in manufacturing the best quality products you can buy, and for that reason we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products. Your vehicle is the SECOND largest investment (I know some that it’s their largest) you will make in your lifetime, why trust that to anyone else?

And more: http://staging3.quicktrickalignment.com/


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