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Signs that you need an Alignment! Back to Basics

A car’s alignment refers to how the angles of the wheels are adjusted. When a mechanic performs an alignment, he adjusts the angle of the wheels to the proper angle to the ground and to one another. Knowing when you need an alignment may not be obvious, but it is an important part of vehicle maintenance. Bad alignment can result in premature tire wear and steering problems. Over the next few weeks, we will explore different symptoms & signs that reflect a poor alignment. The most obvious sign is listed below: Pulling To One Side If your car is drifting to the center of the road or towards the shoulder, then you could have an alignment problem. You may find yourself continually applying pressure to the wheel to keep the car moving straight. The reason a car pulls to one side is usually due to the camber of the wheels. Camber refers to the angle at which the wheels are lined up with the road. If you are looking at the wheels from the front of the car, the tops of the tires may be pointing inward or outward. If they are closer at the top than at the bottom, then you have negative camber. If the top of the tire is leaning outward, this is positive camber. The slightest wrong adjustment in camber will cause the car to veer to one side or the other. Correcting this alignment issue should keep your car rolling straight ahead. As usual, this measurement can be easily calculated in minutes with the QuickTrick™ Alignment Products. Look for us next week when we review “Wandering”. Have a great week! Mr QuickTrick™ www.quicktrickalignment.com

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