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Series – Symptoms of Alignment Problems (cont)

Tire Wear • One of the most obvious symptoms of an incorrect alignment is tire wear. The camber as well as toe can affect your tire wear. • Toe-in is the distance between the front edge of the two front tires and the back end of the two front tires. When the tires are misaligned, with regard to toe-in or camber, then it causes areas of the tire to be overused and results in a shorter tire life. Excessively worn out treads on the outside of a tire can mean the camber is too positive, or there is too much toe-in. Inside wear indicates the opposite alignment problem with possible negative camber and/or misaligned toe out. • All of these symptoms can be measured with the QuickTrick™ Toe Alignment Products. More FAQ’s and the QuickTrickaPedia can be found on our website. Next week we will review common misconceptions

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