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Common Misconceptions on Wheel Alignment

A common misconception about poor alignment is that it causes shaking while you drive. Shaking or vibration, while driving, is often caused by a worn-out tire that is out of round, or unbalanced tires. Worn tires may initially be a result of an alignment problem, but the shaking itself is because of the condition of the tires, not the alignment itself. You can avoid this problem by a routine 6 week maintenance plan with your QuickTrick™ Alignment Product. Simply mark your calendar to do a quick measurement on each side of the front end every 30 days to 6 weeks. As a result, you will identify the issue before it becomes a a costly problem. Knowledge is not only power, it is also penny-wise. Visit our Ebay Store or Website at Alignment Simple Solutions. Next week we will go deeper into the terms and definitions surrounding Wheel Alignment! Have a great week! Mr QuickTrick

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