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Preparing Your Wheels for Winter – Final Segment

Consider Buying Snow Tires You might think snow tires are only for MANLY men who live in the Wild. The fact is that regular tires do not execute as well during winter as they do the rest of the year. Colder temperatures can cause standard tires to become harder and lose traction, even when there is no snow on the roads. Preparing your car for winter whiteout takes a little extra work, but you will be grateful in hindsight. Superior tires mean fewer breakdowns. Spend more time at your destination and less time at the side of the road. Not all of us can have a MANLY cave in the Wild! Remember, The QuickTrick™ Alignment Products cannot ward off snow or read tire pressure, but we can certainly give you the edge on knowing when you have a problem before you go out in the snow! You can find more tips on our website at QuickTrickaPedia & Alignment 101 @ http://staging3.quicktrickalignment.com/ See you next week!

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