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TO align or NOT to align..that is the question! A new Series

1st – 4-Wheel Alignment Myth/Fact: These days you usually would not need your rear wheels aligned because you cannot adjust the rear of a solid axle car. HOWEVER, many shops say they will do a 4-wheel alignment because it is best to check for damaged or bent components. Using the term 4 wheel alignment can be confusing and in some cases deceptive. If you have an independent rear suspension, then four wheel alignment makes sense for your vehicle.

Example of current QuickTrick 4 wheel alignment solutions:  Interested in a full setup?  Email us at info@quicktrickalignment.com

The best step to take to protecting your pocket book and your vehicle is to know your Manufacturers alignment specs. You can use a QuickTrick™ Alignment Products to check your measurements in comparison and use the QT tool to adjust or go to a shop with the measurements and let them know you know what you are talking about and want your alignment within the specs (NOT THE RANGE), the exact specs. Many shops today will align your vehicle to fall within the specs range. I know if I were paying for an alignment, I would want the job done completely. I am sure they are not offering me a price range from just ok to perfect, so I require the job be done right and it always feels good to let a tech know you have the means and the knowledge to verify the alignment. When it comes to routine maintenance and repair, many people have been taken advantage of and harbor a deep mistrust for the industry. Treat your mechanic like you would you babysitter… shop around and find one of the great ones..There are more good than bad! Check us out at www.quicktrickalignment.com Have a great week! Mr QuickTrick™

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