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Is it TIME for an Alignment?..that is the question! Pt 2

The easiest, most cost effective means of answering this question is with a QuickTrick™ Alignment System.. With the digital features and recalc/zero button, it’s is truly a 2 minute check that can be performed and recorded every few weeks. With the holiday season upon us, consider our tools a great gift..

Now.. that being said… If you are a reserved driver, (standard speed limits, conservative speeds for curves, never on the autobahn.. heh!) than aligning your vehicle to the vehicle manufacturer’s preferred settings is appropriate.

If you are an assertive driver who enjoys driving hard through the corners and expressway ramps, (pretending you are on the autobahn or at the Daytona 500 headed for first place,,,weaving, duck and run, sliding, you get the drift) a performance alignment is appropriate for your car.

A performance alignment is when you use the vehicle manufacturer’s range of alignment specifications to maximize the performance. A performance alignment calls for the manufacturer’s maximum negative camber, maximum positive caster, and preferred toe settings. While remaining within the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, these alignment settings will maximize tire performance. AND can be done with your If you are a competition driver who frequently runs autocross, track or road race events, you’ll typically want the maximum negative camber, maximum positive caster and most aggressive toe settings available from the car and permitted by the competition rules.

If the rules permit, QuickTrick™ Alignment Systems are good investments. Check out our Holiday specials on the website!!!                                                www.quicktrickalignment.com                    

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