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Tire Rotation.. Just the Facts to save on the Jacks!

Tire rotation is beneficial in many ways. Rotation at recommended times can preserve balanced handling and traction and even out tire wear. Tire rotation will also provide performance enhancements.
Most tire mileage warranties require tire rotation in order to keep a valid warranty.

So…When should tires be rotated?
We recommend that tires be rotated every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.  Tire rotation can be done with oil change intervals while the vehicle is off the ground or in your own driveway for you DIYer’s. This is also a good time to have your tires rebalanced and use your QuickTrick™ Alignment Product to check your alignment measurements against your specs.
Tire rotation helps even out tire wear by allowing each tire to serve in as many of the vehicle’s wheel positions as possible. Tire rotation does not correct wear problems due to worn mechanical parts or incorrect inflation pressures and this makes it critical that you establish the proper timeline along with routine maintenance on your QuickTrick™ measurements to address potential issues before they become a costly fact!
It is best when all four tires wear evenly because as wear reduces a tire’s tread depth, it allows all four tires to respond to the driver’s input more quickly, maintains the handling and helps increase the tire’s cornering traction.
When your tires wear out together, you can get a new set of tires without being forced to buy pairs. If you replace tires in sets, you will enjoy the original handling balance.
We will cover rotation patterns next week.  Until then..
Have a great week!
Mr. QuickTrick

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