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How Temperature Affects Tire Pressure..

Keeping your tires in proper condition helps save money and, of course, avoid accidents. Understanding how temperature affects tires and their pressure is imperative for car maintenance.

Tire pressure is the amount of air in your tires. This is measured in pounds per square inch, or psi. The recommended pressure level is usually listed in the owner’s manual.

Changes in the air temperature affect your tire pressure. For every 10-degree fluctuation in temperature, your tires gain or lose one pound of pressure. This makes it important to consistently check your levels because changes in the season will affect your pressure. A tire that is inflated just right at the start of August may become underinflated as the winter months begin.

The heat from friction created by the contact between your tires and the road will increase tire pressure. As the temperature of your tires rise, so will the pressure levels. This increase can cause overinflated tires to blow or underinflated tires to appear acceptable. Check your tire pressure often and stay with all regularly scheduled maintenance with your QuickTrick™ Alignment Product.   Stay safe, have better performance & save some money!!

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