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Setting Air Pressure – Did you know that time of day is Important?

We have put together information to give you some top tips to Increase performance and extend the life of your tire.  All of these tips apply to knowledge you should have when you are ready to measure and adjust your alignment.
  • Measure and Adjust pressure In The Morning. Set according to OEM’s cold tire pressure(s) listed on the vehicle’s tire label. This must be done early, before the sun’s warmth can take affect.


  • Tire Heat Generated While Being Driven (or at speeds of less than 45 mph).* – Set 4 psi above vehicle manufacturer’s cold inflation recommendations.
  • Heat Generated While Being Driven Extensively (or at sustained speeds greater than 45 mph).* Set 6 psi above vehicle manufacturer’s cold inflation recommendations.


Do Not Release Hot Tire Pressure if any of the variables above could be the cause of tire pressure exceeding the maximum psi branded on the tire’s sidewall by the 2, 4 or 6 psi indicated above for the various conditions. This temporary pressure increase is expected and designed into the tire’s capabilities.
  • Indoor-to-outdoor Temperature Variation. Significant differences between the conditions tire pressures are set (the warmth of an attached garage, heated garage or service shop) and in which the vehicle will be driven (winter’s subfreezing temperatures) requires inflating tires 1 psi higher than recommended on the placard for every 10° F difference in temperature between interior and exterior temperatures.
  • Afternoon Ambient Temperature Increase.* Set 2 psi above vehicle manufacturer’s cold inflation recommendations when installing new tires or if the vehicle has been parked in the shade for a few hours.


*NOTE: Tires on a parked vehicle exposed to direct sunlight will appear overinflated due to the heat absorbed from the radiant energy of the sun. Pressures cannot be accurately set on these tires until all have stabilized in the shade.
Your alignment setting and measurements are an important part of increasing your car’s life and improving driving performance.  We encourage everyone to use their QuickTrick™ Alignment Products to stay consistent, but no alignment can be all it should be without the correct tire pressure!  Any NASCAR or Weekend Racer can testify to the importance of both!
Pssst.. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is coming and if you want to watch Daytona in peace, you better make it good!
Have a great week!

Mr. QuickTrick™

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