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Truck U Season Premiere & Trivia Contest



We’re a little nervous about our first appearance on National TV!!

This coming Saturday, March 2 at 8am ET, we will be on the Season opener of Truck U.  This will be the 9th season of Truck U and you couldn’t ask for a better group of folks in cast & crew.  Matt & Bruno our experts in their field and everyone made us feel welcome and comfortable.

The episode will repeat on March 3rd at 8:30 am ET and again March 8th at 10:30 am ET.  We hope you will set your DVR and watch them use the QuickTrick™ Pro system to turn around a quick fix on a worksite truck.

It’s time for an update and welcome to our newest QT Family members.

Here is what is happening over the next few weeks at Alignment Simple Solutions, the official home of the The QuickTrick™ Alignment Products.


We will soon be offering SuperPro Polyurethane bushings here on our website soon.  This will be another quality product for our performance racers.

Ms QuickTrick™ is currently seeking ideas to bling up her mini cooper.  If you have suggestions..PLEASE send them to her (msquicktrick@gmail.com) and keep in mind I have to do the work!!!

We are starting a contest with some cool QT stuff that starts on Facebook

MONDAY in conjunction with Two Guys Garage & Truck U.

It involves a little trivia and some BIG winnings.  The only way you can get QuickTrick™ tshirts, hats and decals is to win them.  We do not sell these to anyone!!!  ***There may be a chance to win our new iphone mobile app (QuickSpecs™) alignment specs.  Stay tuned***

“Like” us on Facebook to join the drawing and take a shot at the right answer to win.

Next week we will be announcing the winners of the Pride & Joy Drawing.  There is still time to send in your picture. (Details below)

Send us a picture of your pride & joy

  • *send as many pictures as you like, but they must be different* With or without your QT System pictured with vehicle.  You will be entered for each different related picture.

All submissions go into the drawing to be held February 28, 2013

If we draw your picture, you will receive one of the following:

  • 3rd—Official QuickTrick™ t-shirt & hat

  • 2nd—Official QuickTrick™ Case

  • 1st—Full refund of your QT purchase price & shipping

We will use the pictures for some of the items listed below:

· QT Users page on Website

· QT Users wall of fame to be displayed at SEMA, PRI & Car/Truck Events

· 2014 QT Calendar

· Social Media

· Brochures

Send your pictures to:



We hope you will follow our RSS feed, join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  We appreciate the feedback, comments and support.  It’s a good feeling to create some jobs and a quality product made here in the USA.

A Big Welcome to all of our new QuickTrick™ Family Members 

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