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1st Hint!!! ***New Contest*** Win a QuickTrick™ Pro Toe Alignment

As announced last week, our newest contest is your chance to win a QuickTrick™ Pro Toe Alignment System or other QT goodies for 2nd and 3rd place.

Your mission, should you choose to accept this challenge, is to guess how many parts make up a QuickTrick™ Complete Pro System!

No one has guessed the correct amount of parts yet.

The picture below may help or not… But for your 1st Hint –

The 9″ FL Camber Bar is made up of 15 parts, including the bar itself!

We will provide a hint every Sunday through the end of the contest on April 15th!


You can post your response and have a chance to win by “LIKING” us on Facebook and adding your guess to one of the CONTEST posts.

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