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2nd & Final Hint!!! ***Contest*** Win a QuickTrick™ Pro Toe Alignment & More

DIY Toe Alignment QuickTrick

The final verdict is coming up on “TAX” day!! On April 15th we will choose the 3 closest guesses of how many total pieces make up the QuickTrick™ Pro System.

The closest to the correct amount will win a QuickTrick™ Pro Toe Alignment System plus shipping
1st Runner up will win an official QuickTrick™ Case
3rd place wins the official QuickTrick™ T-Shirt (XL or LG) & Hat (Only available through contests)

As a bonus, to anyone who has the amount dead on, you will win the 1st prize & the new QuickSpecs™ IPhone App with Alignment specs for non-commercial vehicles from 1960 – 2012!

Each person is eligible for 3 guesses between now and April 15th. All guesses should be posted on the Alignment Simple Solutions Facebook Page.

So, the final hint: The total number of parts that make up a QuickTrick Pro System for Caster, Camber & Toe is more than 40 and less than 100!

Good Luck!!!

Mr. QuickTrick

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