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Willie B’s Garage KBPI Broadcast with Alignment Simple Solutions – PODCAST

THANKS to Willie B, coop and all of the greats at KBPI.  We enjoyed being on the air with them last Saturday.  We covered a lot of ground and the show is perfect for enthusiasts and DIYers.

You can tune in to Willie B’s garage on any Saturday morning.  If you would like to hear the PODCast, simple click the link and choose the 9 AM time slot for 5/11/2013.  We joined the conversation about 15 minutes into the broadcast.





Every weekend, Willie B – host of Your Morning Show on KBPI and Two Guys’ Garage on SpeedTV – takes you inside his garage for a look at his cars, and how to pimp out yours — where to fix ’em, where to buy ’em, which ones are the best, and which ones just aren’t worth your time.

Willie B

We will be discussing alignment issues, signs that you need an alignment and various other points on the various topics.



We hope you will join us!


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