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Attention QT Family – We need your help to help some great Kids & a Good Cause

We need your help.. We need you to share (Liking it will not be enough..please share the post on your pages for twitter, facebook and google +) this post and help spread the word through social media and email at the bottom of the post.  During the month of September, a portion of every dollar is going to the Victory Junction Camp, but you can make a difference whether you need a QuickTrick™ or not.  www.victoryjunction.org

Please take a moment .. What is Victory Junction and what is the story?

In 1999, a lanky, smiling 17–year old boy visited a Florida Hole in the Wall Camp founded by Paul Newman and knew it was his calling to bring a similar camp to the hills of North Carolina.  He immediately shared this mission with his famous NASCAR family.

This philanthropic minded boy was Adam Petty, son of NASCAR driver Kyle Petty, grandson of racing legend, Richard Petty and great grandson of NASCAR pioneer, Lee Petty.  This fourth generation driver was just starting his own racing career while still sleeping under his parent’s roof.  He was in fact just a child, but Adam was wise beyond his years.  He not only had a passion for racing, but a passion for helping others.  In between races, Adam took the time to visit pediatric hospitals and spent time with children who were battling chronic illnesses on his own accord

One year after his touching experience working with kids at Camp Boggy Creek in Florida, Adam Petty tragically lost his life in a racing accident at New Hampshire International Raceway.  To honor his memory, the Petty family gathered their strength and as a part of their healing process challenged themselves and the NASCAR community to build a place where seriously ill children could experience life and celebrate being a kid

With land donated by Richard and Lynda Petty, the Petty family began a capital campaign in 2002 and dollar by dollar received donations and from corporations, individuals and foundations to build what would become Victory Junction, a NASCAR themed summer camp only ninety minutes from Charlotte, NC. In June 2004, Victory Junction became a member of the Association of Hole in the Wall Gang Camps founded by Paul Newman, and accredited by the rigorous guidelines of the American Camping Association.  That summer, Adam’s legacy of love was realized when it saw its first camper.

Victory Junction’s mission is to enrich the lives of children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses by providing life-changing camping experiences that are exciting, fun and empowering in a safe and medically sound environment at no cost to the children or their families.  

Kids range in ages from 6 – 16 and spend time with others who have the same illness or issues.  This allows the kids to have fun together doing fun things that are set up based on their specific needs so it is not about their illness, it is all about making friends with others who are facing the same challenges and getting the playground experience we all normally take for granted when we learn to socialize and interact without any hindrance to climb the bars, slide down the slide or walk trough the sandbox and swing next to another child we wanted to talk to and laugh with.

Facilities include a swimming pool, a recreational game room, a computer lab, an outdoor recreation area with open space, and a medical clinic. In 2006, work began on a “superdome” that would host indoor sporting facilities. It was begun with a $1 million seed donation from fellow NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. Other drivers, team owners, team sponsors, and NASCAR itself have given substantial donations to the camp.

Please help us to make a difference by spreading the word with others.  This is something no one will mind being in their news feed.  You can go directly to Victory Junction to learn more and feel how great this place is.  I had the opportunity to visit the camp and have lunch with the staff and kids when I was in NC for my 2nd grandson being born (woohoo) and it will have a positive and emotional affect on the rest of my life.

Help us to increase their capacity for more children and hopefully open new camps in other regions.  We will be kicking off the fundraiser with an appearance on Two Guys Garage this weekend (Great American Country Channel – click here to find your channel),  The guys will be restoring a 66′ Impala and using QuickTrick™ tools for the alignment and to find the alignment specs with QuickSpecs™.  The show will air Saturday and Sunday.


Mr & Mrs QuickTrick™ (Gary & Tess)


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