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Thank you & FAQ’s on Do it Yourself Alignment & More…

October 14th, 2013

Thank you & FAQ’s on Do it Yourself Alignment & More…

First and foremost, that you everyone who helped us in September with our fund raising efforts.  Because of your help, we were able to send a check for over $1000 to Victory Junction and that is great news for our first effort of many.

ALSS Partnership with Victory Junction through QuickTrick Products

We will be holding an auction at the PRI conference in December and all proceeds will go to Victory Junction for that as well!

On a side note, we have moved to a larger manufacturing facility.  We hope to create a few more jobs in 2014 and keeo those QuickTrick systems rolling.

We are asking for your help in spreading the word on QuickTrick.  When anyone asks the following quesions, we want them to think of QuickTrick as a household name:

Why do I need an alignment every time I get a new tire?

How do I know if I really need an alignment?

What is caster, camber and toe?

Where can I find specs for my alignment or alignment specs?

Where can I find QuickTrick reviews and more Quick Trick Reviews?

Where can I find unique tools made in the USA?

Anyway.. you get the point.  We have some upcoming appearances and would like to see you out and about or hear your feedback when you do see us:

Velocity – during Car Fix & All Girls Garage

Two Guys Garage – Great American Country – 66′ Impala Restoration

Work Truck Magazine aka 8 Lug – December 2013

SEMA Show 2013  – November 5th – 8th, Las Vegas

PRI Trade Show – December 10 – 12 2013 Indianapolis

Truckin Magazine – New Products – January 2013

On a final note.. for anyone asking the question…

Where can I buy a QuickTrick Alignment System.. please contact your local store of Auto Zone, Advanced, NAPA & Federated.  If enough people ask, they will start carrying us..more volume = more jobs!

We Thank you for your interest, your business and your feedback!!

Mr QuickTrick!




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