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Alignment Simple Solutions Actively Supports Local College Program/ Philanthropic Efforts with Victory Junction


Birmingham, AL… December 6, 2013 – Alignment Simple Solutions (ALSS), parent company of QuickTrick™ Alignment products was born out of necessity, as most automotive aftermarket brands are. Designer Gary Gann, with deep experience in NASCAR and the OEM market recognized that the industry was missing a simple and effective way to determine vehicle alignment. He designed a camber measurement system for his own use that over time became commercialized and is now the core portable and compact alignment measuring system available from this thriving business in Birmingham, AL.

“The toe system can be set up and checked in less than 5 minutes,” stated Gann. “The front and rear camber will take about 5 minutes. Accuracy is within 0.01 degree on camber and 1/64 of an inch on toe. All systems come with simple and easy to understand instructions”.

Gann’s wife and CEO of the company, Tess Winningham has utilized her many years as an executive in business development and sales for various Fortune 500 companies to turn Quick Trick™ products toward an explosive sales growth trend…over 450% in the past year alone. This growth could not have been realized without the addition of CFO James Taylor who joined the team as a stakeholder in the company, bringing with him extensive experience in finance, management and internal controls. ALSS’ customer base ranges from the DIY’er and automotive racecar driver & teams, to independent body shops, collision repair centers and fleets.

“We are so fortunate to be involved in an industry that has embraced our product and recognizes its value. As such, it has become exceedingly vital to us to be able to give back to both our community and our industry”, stated Winningham. “This year, I was fortunate to become involved with the Auburn Technical Assistance Center, an Outreach Center of the Raymond J. Herbert College of Business. This was an Industrial Design Assistance Program, which was made possible by funding provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration University Center grant program. Basically, I was approached by the College to work one on one with these students to allow them to come up with product ideas and prototypes that garners them real world experience in product development. It is a program that helps young people stretch and grow and was an experience I will treasure for a lifetime. My takeaway?  Helping our youth nurture a passion for the automotive aftermarket… that is immeasurable ”

” One of the primary missions of the Auburn Technical Assistance Center is to help entrepreneurs innovate and commercialize new product ideas using resources and expertise at Auburn University. We are pleased Tess and Alignment Simple Solutions partnered with our EDA University Center program and Auburn’s Industrial Design School to help design her next generation products.  Tess is a progressive, visionary CEO that shares our passion of creating jobs and opportunities for others in Alabama.  We are appreciative of the opportunity to work with a dynamic woman owned business.”

David Mixson

EDA University Center Program Director

Auburn Technical Assistance Center

Gann went on to say, “Giving back is part of the fabric of our business and we also have chosen Victory Junction, a North Carolina camp for children with chronic medical conditions and serious illnesses, as the partner of choice for our future philanthropic efforts.”

Just this September 2013, ALSS donated 5% of sales to Victory Junction and created a fundraiser that raised over $1000 for the camp. Two QuickTrick™ co-branded systems have also been donated to Victory Junction for their Holiday Auction to be held on December 13th in Charlotte, NC. All proceeds benefit the camp. Hopes are that ALSS’ Annual Fundraiser will grow exponentially each year. Here is what Victory Junction Camp co-founder Kyle Petty has to say:

“Victory Junction is honored that ALSS has chosen to support our mission of serving chronically ill children,” stated Petty. “Camp provides a safe haven for kids where they can forget about their illness for a while. We provide this experience completely free of charge so the fact that ALSS has committed to help us achieve this is huge.”

Alignment Simple Solutions manufactures QuickTrick™ Products, US made portable and compact alignment measuring systems for fleet & consumer vehicles. Alignment Simple Solutions is committed to manufacturing quality products, providing jobs in the US and giving back to the community at large. The company has been recognized with the Alabama Governor’s Excellence Award (2012), nominated for the Manufacturer of The Year Awards (2013) and the Alabama Small Business of the Year (2013).



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