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Lifted or Lowered? What’s Your Stance? (& The March EVERYBODY Wins Contest Info)

Lifted or Lowered?  What’s Your Stance?   

March Series (Part 1):

The Urban Dictionary Defines Stance as follows:

(verb) – to adjust a car’s camber, ride height, and spacing, so that the sidewall of the tire sits as flush as possible with the fender/quarter panel.

Reality is:

to adjust a car’/truck’ camber, ride height, and/or spacing. A common trend and style impersonated on drift and show cars as well as 4×4’s, Rock Crawlers and Big Ass Trucks!

Raise your vehicle; Lift your car, Add Height to your Truck:  Sexy woman near the tire of the red jeep

A cautionary note:  Anytime you change your vehicle from manufacturer specs you will be moving outside of the tested safety settings and you run the risk of voiding your warranty.  We at Alignment Simple Solutions do not encourage you to be unsafe, change your vehicle from the manufacturers’ specs or do anything to put yourself or others at risk.  That being said, boys and girls will be boys and girls, no matter what age.


Anytime you toy with your suspension, wheels, tires, etc… Make sure you check your alignment specs.  The most affordable way to check your alignment specs on a regular basis is with string.  The more accurate, efficient and slick way to stay on top of your numbers is with the QuickTrick™ Pro or QuickSlide system.  For all of you wonderful QT followers, this is a heads up on our March contest to WIN a QuickSlide in the case…. (insert drum roll)… Go to the QuickTrick shop and add a Click Here>> QuickSpecs Web database to your cart.  When you get to checkout, enter the coupon code marchcontest  and this will take your order to $0.00.  Register, gain unlimited access to QuickSpecs and get entered for the drawing (Win/Win)!!!  As an FYI, no person or business has access to our QuickTrick Family Info and this does not require payment or personal information. (If you purchase any QuickTrick in the month of March..AND then you WIN.. We will refund your full purchase price)


One side of the QuickSlide DIY Wheel Alignment System for performance enthusiasts and shops
One side of the QuickSlide DIY Wheel Alignment System for performance enthusiasts and shops

Our pick for Best Video on How to add Height and/or how to lift your vehicle

Recognized, Trusted & Well Established


This has some good points (Even if they cannot spell Working):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVvuYT0doA4

Top Reasons Why you might lift your vehicle:

  1. Gain greater ground clearance  
  2. Add Larger Tires & Wheels
  3. Better Performance in Rugged Terrain
  4. So you can look down on other people and laugh!

Why not to Lift your Vehicle (Some good opinions to consider):

  1. Less steering control
  2. Body Mount Bolts can Bend with Heavy Off-Road Use.
  3. You can bend your frame with off road use.
  4. Your current vehicle is a Yugo

Tune in next week for:

Next week:  Stance – Low rider, Hellaflush, Extreme Camber  Low Stance

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