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April Contest & March Winner of the Quicktrick QuickSlide

We will announce info on the April Contest soon and here is some information from our March Winner!

Some words from our March Winner of the QuickSlide..Dan had already purchased a Total Package so was happy to have the refund amount of the real value from the QuickSlide win. Thanks for sharing the pictures Dan Germain.. AWESOMENESS! Stay tuned for information on how to win in April!!! Dan said: I’m 54 and have been interested in cars since my early teens. I’ve been a auto mechanic by trade since the early 80’s and have performed many front end alignments. I am in a different trade now and have always hated bringing my vehicles to the shop after replacing front ends parts for an alignment. Other than the cars my wife and I use for commuting, I own a 1972 Dodge Dart drag car and a 1973 Dodge Challenger street car that I would not want to bring to a shop. I decided it was time to purchase the tools to do the alignments at home. I enclosed a picture of the Dart and the Challenger. The challenger is in the process of body work. I have never won anything this big before.. Thanks!  Dan


CIMG2264 CIMG2203

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