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New QuickTrick Product Launch at SEMA 2014

We hope you will join us in sharing our news through social media and word of mouth!  We have just launched a KickStarter Project to help us with our next product launch and to complete in the New Product Awards at SEMA 2014.

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Please help us by sharing on your social media and following the project for updates.  We hope to launch this new line on a large scale and add 2 – 3 more f/t jobs over the next 12 months.  We have gone from 1 to 5 f/t people in the past year and a half and it would not be possible without all of our Wonderful QuickTrick family users out there.  So thank you and please help us move forward from our garage to the globe..  Made in the USA and Made in Alabama

Kickstarter 2014

Thanks all!


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