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QuickTrick wins Alabama Launchpad Award

QuickTrick wins Alabama Launchpad Award

After a lot of learning and a 3 month competition, we are pleased to be the recipients of an Alabama Launchpad award from the State of Alabama.

The award reinforces our commitment to Made in the USA and the creation of quality jobs.  We are still a small business, but we hope to get better and better as we grow and become more useful to our QuickTrick Family.

The cool globe award was made by local artists from Black Belt Treasures

We plan to accomplish a lot with the award including:

  • Attending the 2014 SEMA Show with plenty of materials to spread the word
  • Working with new suppliers to keep our pricing down for the QuickTrick family
  • Expanding 3 new products in 2015
  • Adding a Project Page and QuickTrick advice forum to the website
  • Improving Instructions and Creating a more inclusive video on the site

Thanks for giving us time to shine QuickTrickers and supporters all over the world.  As a special thank you, we have a video to share to acknowledge our supporters of our Family Business Tree.  We hope to keep adding more and more as we go and grow!

Thank you!

Gary & Tess

Mr & Ms QuickTrick

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