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RV Wheel Alignment Instructions from Tony A – Thanks!

RV Wheel Alignment Instructions from Tony A – Thanks!


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Great demo from a QuickTrick User: Thanks Tony A

How to cure a Wandering E -450 Super Duty Chassis Motorhome (2003 Model Year)

Assumes no worn parts but just not aligned to the optimum range to cure this.

Perform the following to improve this:

1)      Set Toe to Toe In. Run out to max Toe In of .130 Inch. If using tape measure, I set to .125 or 1/8 Inch.

2)      Increase Caster using adjustable bushings. (> than 5 Degree Plus.)

(Note This can be applied to most any Ford Vehicle Such As E-250, E-350, E -250, F-350, F-250, etc. that uses these same bushings)

Minimum Items Needed:

Quicktrick 90073/90080 Fleet RV and 4X4 alignment kit

2 Flatbladed Screwdrivers

1 Hammer

2 Jack Stands Rated for vehicle weight

Jack big enough to lift vehicle

2 Adjustable alignment bushings (Ingalls 59400 or McBay Performance PN 44-5094)

Lug Nut Tool

Wheel Liner Removal tool if RV has wheel liners

Appropriate socket and ratchet for the pinch bolt

Lubricant to help with bushing removal

Tools to adjust tie rods and adjustment sleeves

1)      Perform initial Alignment (Follow Quick Trick Instructions). Remove wheel liners if equipped. Record measurements.

Record Numbers Here:

Toe        Front Measure Rear Measurement Toe Out/In    Amount               Specification

____      ____________ ________________ _________   _______ __Toe In .130______

Caster                                 Measured           Specification      Ideal Range

Driver Side Tire                  __________       ___________     __>+5_______

Passenger Side Tire          __________       ___________     __>+5_______

Camber                              Measured           Specification      Ideal Range

Driver Side Tire                  __________       ___________     _(See Note 1)________

Passenger Side Tire          __________       ___________     _(See Note 1)_______


Analyze Measurements for what settings you will use for the adjustable bushing. Refer to setting sheet for the adjustable bushing selected.

Note 1 : Adjust camber to best compromise of maximum Caster.

Fig. 1A Driver Side Setup.









Fig 1B Passenger Side Setup









Fig. 2 Toe Measurement









2)      Jack up vehicle.

3)      Install Safety Stands.

4)      Remove both tires.

5)      Remove alignment bushing pinch bolt. Using appropriate Socket.

6)      Remove Bushing using Claw Hammer, Two flat blade screw drivers, and lubricant. (Note if extremely rusty, borrow a puller from Autozone or other Automotive Tool Place) See Fig 3.









Fig. 3  Using a claw hammer to remove the old non-adjustable bushing after it was initially started out with a pair of flat bladed  screw drivers and a hammer. Apply lubricant if necessary.








Fig. 4  Adjustable bushing set up per vendors adjustment sheet and analysis of initial alignment reading. Bushing has been gently tapped in with a hammer. Settings have been marked to confirm initials settings and make easier to read if we have to tweak them. (Ingalls 59400 Shown)


7)      Install adjustable bushing after setting initial settings per the vendors instructions sheet. See Fig. 4.

8)      Install other bushing on the other wheel.

9)      Reinstall and Tighten Pinch Bolts to specification.

10)  Install wheels with lug nuts but only finger tight. (Just in case you find out that you need to adjust the bushings some more)  (Whatever you do before you drive the vehicle make sure lug nuts are tightened to specification.)

11)   Remove jack stands.

12)   Lower vehicle.

13)   Perform alignment and recheck. If alignment parameters (Caster and/or Camber) needs tweaking still adjust bushings accordingly. Perform steps 2-13 again.

14)   Once satisfied with alignment. Tightened Lug nuts to specification. Install wheel liners if equipped. Drive test. It should drive like an SUV now. J


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