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Don H Reviews QuickTrick QuickSlide on his Camaro 5 Forum

Don H Reviews QuickTrick QuickSlide on his Camaro 5 Forum

Thanks for the Post and Vote of Confidence Don!

Camaro5 Chevy Camaro Forum / Camaro ZL1, SS and V6 Forums – Camaro5.com – View Single Post – My 2011 2SS Upgrades

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Well, Got my alignment done today. I used the QuickTrick alignment tool to see how close I could get to the spec Justice Pete suggested for my suspension upgrades and ZL1 staggered setup:

Front Camber -1.00

Front Toe 0.00

Rear Camber -0.50 or as close to 0 as you can get.

Rear Toe IN 0.12

Rear Total Toe IN 0.24

After I did the initial adjustment, took it to a local alignment shop to see how close I was.

Here it is:

Boy, I was very close!

I knew the toe was off on the right side, I set the rear camber to -0.4 on my QuickTrick and the Toe to 1/32 ” (as close as I could get to what Justice Pete recommended.

The QuickTrick really helped me dial this bad boy to be very close!

So, here is the inital camber setup on the front (using the QuickTrick):

First, I setup and leveled the tool:

Zeroed the unit for the floor:

Then checked the camber (both sides):

So. loosing up the strut bolts, and using the camber adjustment location, adjusted the camber:

Location (just to the right/under the tire valve):

Now, made my adjustments and:

Yep, pretty much on the money (down arrow means negative value)!

Now, the right side was 1.5 and I didn’t have room to loosed the bolts on the struct so I decided to wait. I also measured the toe and got it as close as I could (same issue on the right side, didn’t have room @ the time).

The rear camber was 0.4 on the left and 0.5 on the right (was adjustable, but I wanted the bushing timed so I left it there). Toe was just about spot on based on the degrees – inchs conversion.

The tool was really close! Very impressed…

Here is the final settings (one more time) after taking it to the alignment shop:



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