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Preparing Your Wheels for Winter – Installation 2 of 3 – Do the Women in Your Life know this?

Preparing Your Wheels for Winter – Installation 2 of 3

Become a Tire Pressure expert in Winter

One cause of uneven tire wear is incorrect (under) inflation. Tires lose about 1 pound per square inch of pressure for every 10 degree drop in temperature.

This might not sound like much but, consider that a drop in tire pressure as small as 5 psi alters a car’s safety.

Keeping your tires properly inflated can help them last longer—and might even save you a few dollars at the pump, not to mention on your alignment issues.

The QuickTrick™ Alignment Products are not designed to give you a tire pressure reading, so always keep your tire pressure gauge with your QuickTrick™!

  The average person has no idea of the temperature fluctuating affects to tire pressure.  If you want to do the women in your life a favor, make sure they understand the basics of tire pressure and how to do a quick check on the alignment after tire pressure checks.  There is nothing scarier than your sister, mother, wife or daughter stranded in fierce weather with a flat tire at night.  Ms QuickTrck can’t fix her alignment, but she knows how to check it and why.

Keep em safe!!

Mr QuickTrick

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