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QuickTricker Monthly! For the unrefined tastes of the greater gearhead community!







QuickTricker Monthly!  For the unrefined tastes of the greater gearhead community!

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This Month’s QuickTrick Family Feature Highlights:

Jo Coddington


We chose Jo to be our inaugural Feature for so many reasons.  Here are just a few….

Some of you may know Jo from American Hot Rod and as Boyd Coddington’s lovely wife.  Others may know Jo from her own racing history, her love of the automotive industry, hot rods and more than any other personality trait, you may know her for a kind heart and warm smile.

We know her for all of the above and believe she is perfect as our first QuickTrick Family Feature.

We asked Jo to tell you a little about herself and we hope you will join us in supporting this lovely lady in whatever she does and wherever her travels lead.

  • QuickTrick:  What is your favorite car? 
Jo:  I have to admit that my 1940 Ford business coupe is my favorite because Boyd built it, plus Sam Foose and Chip Foose had their hands in the building. When I drive her, I have a flood of memories of the build, my life with Boyd, and the customer we originally built it for.  I feel very fortunate to have a Boyd Car!
  • QuickTrick:  Best memory automotive related?
 Jo:  I have two. The first time my Dad asked me to race and the second one is when Boyd asked me to drive the Bonneville roadster.
  • QuickTrick:  Something you have always wanted to do and have not yet?  
 Jo:  Paint an entire vehicle.
  • QuickTrick:  Favorite Quote? 
 Jo:  “Try to be a Rainbow in someone’s Cloud.” -Maya Angelou
  • QuickTrick:  Anything you want to tell people? 

Jo:   I’m excited to be heading back to Australia for my fourth Moonshine Run in February, and catch up with my friends that have now become family there. I enjoy all of my trips, but the Moonshine Run holds some very near and dear friends who have in fact become family. The founder of the Moonshine Run gave me a very privileged position a few years back, yes I was “Best Woman” in his marriage to Katrina.  I love to visit as many shops as I can, and always make it a point to stop in The Eliminator’s Club in Queensland.

This year has been off to a great start attending Barrett-Jackson and the Grand National Roadster Show. Seeing Ron Pratte’s collection at Barrett-Jackson, especially Boyd’s builds, brought back so many great memories of American Hot Rod, each of the builds, our phenomenal crew at the shop, great customers, and of course, a host of wonderful memories of Boyd and what he loved.

My love for cars is a life-long affair that began at an early age, and I love to see that passion in the next generation of women coming into the automotive industry. I’m proud and humbled to be a mentor to some of these young women who continue to pierce the glass ceiling in what is commonly known as a “male dominated” industry. Organizations, such as SEMA, HRIA, SEMA Businesswomen’s Network, continue to be a space where women can come together and celebrate each other’s passions and achievements.

Thanks Jo!  We at QuickTrick have loved you and known you since before you ever were such a great spokesperson for QuickTrick, but we would recommend you to represent anyone who needs a great smile and sincerity.  Those traits are hard to find and you have them in spades! 
Where can people find keep up with you? You are always on the go

Jo:  All the pertinents:

**Thanks a million to this lovely lady!

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