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Memorial Day Promotion & Honoring our Veterans

 Memorial Day Promotion & Honoring our Veterans

Please sign in and honor the Veterans & Active Duty Military in your life.

We want to thank all  Active Duty and Veterans for their Service!

Nominate yours on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram by posting 3 top reasons your choice should be highlighted in the comments and watch your Facebook Email for contact from any of our participating sponsors. (Remember to check your “OTHER” email tab for messages) Use hashtag #QTHonorsVETS

Nominees will be highlighted across Facebook, websites and blogs at random times as the month progresses and all nominees will be honored in an end of the month post with the announcement of the 4 drawn to win the grab bags.

Grab Bag includes items from the following Supporters:





Jo Coddington

Brenton TV 

Example:   I would like to honor my friend Fernando Valentin, He served in the first Gulf War in the USMC and is still an honor to his country and his family. He is a great example of our fine soldiers and a fine human being who LOVES to race whether it is on his Motorcycle, Porsche or in the Chump car series #QTHonorsVETS

This Month it is all about Honoring Veterans and Memorializing their bravery. (Please share this post and like our page…

Posted by Alignment Simple Solutions on Monday, May 4, 2015

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