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We honor our Veterans #QTHonorsVETS – 1st Honoree

 This Month it is all about Honoring Veterans and Memorializing their bravery.

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We would like to introduce you to our first honoree, Louis F Foreback.

  Lou at age 20        Lou on his 80th Birthday

 All Thanks to his son, Randy Foreback, for sharing him with us to be honored this month.

Louis Foreback is currently 81 years old and served 20 years in the Air Force. He served tours in Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Germany and England as well as assorted duty stations in the US.

Due to his service, he is a 100% Disabled Veteran yet, he has been active in varied Military Service organizations since retiring in 1972, as a Master Sergeant, E-7. The American Legion, Air Force Association, Disabled American Veterans, etc. 

His son Randy shared that “Through all of his trials and tribulations he has remained one of the most patriotic Veterans I know. Even though his sight has dimmed a little and he needs a walker to get around, he still participates in local military functions when he can.

Randy knows his Dad is a great example of the word and being “Veteran”.

Thank you for sharing your Dad with us Randy.

Randy is now entered in the Memorial Day drawing for 1 of 4 goody bags from our QuickTrick (Alignment Simple Solutions), Forgeline, Ridetech, Optima, Jo Coddington, Two Guys Garage & Truck U and our newest sponsor HPA Motorsports.  Each goody bag contains items from all of us who honor and thank our Veterans for your service then, now and in the future!

Please share your Veteran stories to be honored across our websites and entered in the drawing.  Use #QTHonorsVETS in your posts for easy recognition.


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