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**New Product Updates** Memorial Day Contest **Survey for $$ – QuickTrick Family 3rd Edition Newsletter

**New Product Updates** Memorial Day Contest **Survey for $$
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Use this link to go to our Facebook campaign and Honor a Veteran or Active Duty Service member.  All Honorees will be recognized by QuickTrick and our Sponsors through various means on Social media, Websites and more.
All honorees will be entered into the drawing to be held on memorial Day for 4 Goody Bags of great stuff from QuickTrick and sponsors below:

All winners and honorees will be featured in the June Quicktrick family Edition Newsletter
Sneak Preview of just some of the Aftermarket Gear and Goodies

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Video of the Month! You can probably tell why its our favorite..??
We need your feedback.. Take the following 10 question Survey and get your chance to win a $100.00 Summit Gift card  Just click the Pic or HERE
Our Interviewee of the month and a racer we are proud to support through HPA Motorsports, inc.  Jeff currently competes in the Pirelli World Championship for HPA.

  1. Jeff Altenburg
    Race car driver
  2. Jeff Altenburg is a professional race car driver born in the USA. He owns 14 National Championships in both amateur and professional racing. Wikipedia
  3. BornDecember 10, 1962 (age 52), Ellicott City, MD

    Thanks for spending some time with us Jeff!

    1.      Tell us about you as a person?

    First, I’m a single Dad with shared custody of my 11 year old daughter. Most important job I’ve ever had and the product is pretty stellar so far! I love the business of racing and business in general as well. When not involved in those pursuits, I like to golf, mountain bike, play and listen to music… I feel like the whole sports car racing world is my extended family and I’m happy to be part of the HPA Motorsports clan.

    2.      Best memory automotive related?

    So many memories both before and after I got involved in racing.. One from before is when I came up with a solution to when the secondaries of the 4-barrel carb on my Torino (351 Cleveland) would not open after a rebuild no matter how light a spring I put in. Obviously my error, so I ran a bicycle brake cable from the disconnected secondary butterfly to the parking brake release and, when I needed some extra acceleration, I would slowly open the secondary by pulling the brake release lever with my left hand… Once my Dad was driving it and I told him to pull the brake release and the car jumped forward!

    3.      Something you have always wanted to do and have not yet?

    I would love to catch a ride with a Navy Pilot for a cat shot off of a carrier in an F-18…

    4.      Favorite quote?

    Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened – Dr. Seuss

    5.      First Car?

    1967 Mercury Cougar GT 428 CJ – Amazing I’m still alive…

    6.      Anything you want to share?

    I’m proud to be driving for HPA Motorsports in their first foray into Pro Racing and I can’t wait to put their hard work and expertise on the top step of the podium!

    You can watch Jeff in the next Pirelli World Challenge race in Toronto and follow HPA and Jeff on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HPAMotorsports

Join us next month for the Memorial Day honorees, an interview with Ali Arsham from the USTCC Championship Racing team of GoGoGear
and for all of the QuickTrick Family news!
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