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We honor our Veterans #QTHonorsVETS – 2nd Honoree

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This Month it is all about Honoring Veterans and Memorializing their bravery.

We would like to introduce you to our next honoree, Emily Kowalczyk Super Veteran, Wife and Fantastic Mom

Emily is now entered in the Memorial Day drawing for 1 of 4 goody bags from us and our Sponsors:

Each goody bag contains items from all of us who honor and thank our Veterans for your service then, now and in the future!


Emily has served both active duty and reserves and we know she is special for those reasons alone.  Her husband, Chris, gave her the shout out and was kind enough to share her with us along with some great commentary.

When asked why his honoree is so important, Chris shared the following:

” I would like to nominate my wife Emily Kowalczyk . She was able to hold down our house hold while I was deployed and also did her part when she was deployed. She stayed strong even during some crazy times. I don’t know what I would do without her!

She had to leave for a deployment not 2 months after I returned from my deployment. She held down our household and then had to turn around and deploy to Afghanistan for 6 months. She has an amazing ability to overcome the diversity of being a women in the military and deployed to Afghanistan. She is always putting other people before herself. I love my wife and am so proud of her service to this country!”  End Quote

We think they are both special people and want to thank them for sharing and for their service!

Please share your Veteran stories to be honored across our websites and entered in the drawing. Use #QTHonorsVETS in your posts for easy recognition.

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