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Wheel Alignment, QuickTrick & Preventative Maintenance

Wheel Alignment, QuickTrick & Preventative Maintenance

This post is a little off the norm of speed, performance and caster, camber toe.  We hope to provoke some thought about you, your loved ones and just some things to consider that we see on a regular basis across the variety of QuickTrickers out there.  (and there is a hidden bonus in the post)

Ask yourself a few questions..

  • Did someone teach you to change a flat tire?
  • Did anyone show you how to check your oil and fluids?
  • What happens with your family, daughter, or friends when you are not around to do these routine things that others take for granted?

Most of our current QuickTrick customers are DIY mechanics, racers, Off roaders & Campers and the many independent shops and fleet managers who choose a QuickTrick over the more expensive alignment machines or as a compliment to their current systems for speed and customer service.

Some examples of a lack of knowledge can be found here:   LINK

We would now ask that you think about the QuickTrick as more than that cool, handy tool you use and instead, add it to the category of Preventative Maintenance!

There are not nearly enough drivers out there who know basic preventative maintenance for their vehicle.

Every driver should know how and when to do the following:

  1. Check tire pressure  (Especially when the seasons change and before and after long road trips)
    1. Know where to find what the tire pressure should be
  2. Check oil & fluids
  3. Know your wheel alignment manufacturer specs to check before road trips, after a flat tire, after new tires and before and after having your vehicle serviced.
    1. It’s not rocket science, but it can save you from damaged components, expensive new tire needs and a flat on the side of the road (not to mention the occasional dishonest auto shop)

A few facts:

  1. (Source:  Mar 2015 WTOP) AAA reported over 100,000 calls for flat tires in the DC Metro area alone as an initial result of drivers hitting a pothole and not checking for alignment or tire issues.  Tire and wheel damage are the most common consequence of hitting a pothole, but dipping into a pothole at highway speed can cause more extensive damage.  “It will virtually destroy the front end, you’ll need a major realignment done and you’ll have suspension problems, too,” Townsend says.  Use your QuickTrick to determine if there is damage, before repairs or roadside assistance is needed.
  2. Not Being Able to Handle Emergencies Knowing how to avoid an accident comes with driving experience. Speeding and distracted driving only make things worse and they compound the lack of experience by putting drivers at higher risk of encountering an emergency situation in the first place.  Young drivers know little or nothing about their vehicles, how to perform emergency maintenance, how to avoid being taken advantage of by roadside assistance and are often oblivious to the danger of being on the side of the road in distress.

On that note:  

For the women in your life.. Mother, wife, daughter, etc.

The responsibilities and dangers that drivers face vary greatly between the sexes. While men also need to take charge of their safety, women have greater vulnerability in similar circumstances. Some women simply do not have the physical strength and ability needed to defend themselves in a compromising situation.

The first step in securing safety is taking preventive measures to avoid all awkward circumstances. Teach and share back to the basics. Teach pre–trip inspections, routine safety checks and preventive measures.  Teach basic vehicle care and good common sense.  This will greatly reduce chances of compromised safety, being taken advantage of by unethical repair persons and, let’s face it, knowledge is power!

I hear you, “I take care of all that for everyone.”  When there is an ice storm and the interstate is standing still, when there is a snow storm, flood, tornado or just at school or on a road trip.. Can you always be there?

USA Today has a recent report with the following:

A new survey paints women as generally more likely to be unaware of how to change a flat tire, check their car’s oil level or perform some other basic car tasks compared with men.

The survey by Insurance.com of 2,000 married men and women with children says 47% of female drivers have changed a tire, while 88% of men have done it. A third of women say they don’t know how to change a tire or what their tire pressure should be, compared with 6% of men.

We are hoping this article will give you an opportunity to educate those you love before they

  • Head off to college
  • That road trip
  • Camping
  • Visiting Family
  • Or just driving anywhere, anytime

Email us at prideandjoy@quicktrickalignment.com with SPECS in the subject and include your loved ones vehicle make, model and year and we will send you the free OEM alignment specs by reply.

Stay tuned for announcements on a new product in the works to make preventative maintenance and basic knowledge available to everyone, regardless of skill level and mechanical ability.  Please share your comments on this topic at info@quicktrickalignment.com

Take care of the women in your life and help them to take care of themselves by providing some basic knowledge  They will thank you!!

Ms QuickTrick  aka Tess


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