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Before you take that next Trip *Read This* – Load Balance, Trailer Hitch, Wheel Alignment

Before you take that next Trip *Read This* – Load Balance, Trailer Hitch, Wheel Alignment

When getting your vehicle ready for vacation and/or extended road trips, there are some important things to remember and questions to ask about cargo load.

If you are loading up, with a trailer, a boat, extra passengers and luggage…

You will be reducing the front load on your wheels and can seriously alter your alignment.  This is especially true in the case of toe angles.  Before you hit the road, make sure you set your alignment or take it to a shop to ensure you are set in terms of load balance, tire wear, handling and braking.

If there is a hitch or receiver on your vehicle, you need to know or ask about tongue weight in order to get an idea of how the front suspension may be affected by load.

If you are using a gooseneck style set up, please make sure you consider load leveling bars which can be easily adjusted to compensate for tongue weight.

If there is no trailer that you’re pulling but you’re going to have a loaded vehicle you need to get an idea of the extra weight that you’ll be carrying on your trip and don’t forget when you get back from your trip you need to re-align the car to a normal range without the load.


Your best bet suggestion is to make sure that you measure and perform an alignment before any extended trip, whether you are towing, carrying or just cruising.  It may be a bit of an imposition but in the long run it’s going to save you money on tires, make sure that you have the safest experience and increase the security of yourself and those you care about!

We hope this helps you save some money and have a safe road trip!

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