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This is a portion of a recent article from one of our favorite spots for RV and camping news:  irv2

It is interesting and makes us a little whimsical to be on the road.  We are coming to the end of the outdoor automotive experiences for the year, but that does not mean we are not still itching to go!!  As we get closer to Halloween it means one thing… SEMA is almost here!  We hope to see you there, here or Home for the Holidays!

Remember, when the temperature drops and the top has to stay up, consider an RV trip and don;t forget your QuickTrick!

Baby Boomers Spur RV Sales

Economics dictates that low gas prices don’t always translate to good times. Usually falling pump prices mean that job cuts are happening somewhere in the nation, which causes people to delay discretionary purchases. However the RV industry isn’t panicking.

“We’re in the midst of the largest expansion of the market for new RVs in our lifetimes. Approximately 11,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day until 2029,” Mac Bryan, vice president of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association in Reston, Virginia, said in a recent forecast.

RV industry report

The uptick in RV sales translates to great news for RV park campgrounds too. Kampground of America’s 2015 North American Camping Report predicted that in the 2015 camping season, a majority of campers (53%) plan to spend more nights camping, and almost half (48%) plan to take more trips.


You don;t need to ask where to get an RV Wheel Alignment.  We know the answer!

***This uptick in RV’s on the road means we will provide more information on Wheel and Alignment issues facing our fellow RV friends.  
Stay tuned for more information and make sure you come by the shop if you are RVing in our neighborhood in Alabama.  We will be at the Talladega Race next week and hope to see some of you out there cooking out and enjoying the RV experience!


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