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Holiday Gifting, QuickTrick Contest Giveaway & SEMA

Holiday Gifting, QuickTrick Contest Giveaway & SEMA

Just a few things we want to share with everyone.. Congrats to all of our QuickTrickers getting noticed at the Optima Ultimate Challenge #ousci 

  • Limited Edition Gift certificates are now up in the shop as a great gift for your favorite DIYer and/or racer.  We realize a full price is sometimes too much at one time for the QuickTrick product of your choice.  Gift certificates are in increments of $25, $50 & $100 and are valid through the end of next year, 12/31/2016.

  • Make sure you are entered for the November drawing for your FREE QuickTrick.  The drawing deadline is November 15th and will be announced here and on social media on 11/16/2015.  To enter, send an email to prideandjoy@quicktrickalignment.com and include the reason why you should win and any pictures you would like to include.  If you purchase a product prior to the drawing, and you win, you will receive a full refund!

    • The December Drawing winner will include your choice of a QuickSlide 90059, 90028 or 90066 PLUS, when you share the contest post with others, one of them may win.  All shared posts on social media will be entered into a separate drawing.  Here is how it works:

      • You share the post or newsletter to your friends on social media.

      • Your name is drawn on December 16th as a winner

      • Your friends names (anyone who you shared the post with) are entered in a drawing and one of your friends wins as a gift from you!

    • We will also donate the value of your QuickTrick, in cash, to our favorite charity – Victory Junction for a Holiday gift in yours and our name


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