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Win your own QuickTrick Elite or Turn Plates – Monthly Give away NEWS for December and November Winner!

Win your own QuickTrick Elite or Turn Plates

Thanks to all of you that participated this month.  We had a lot of great stories including one very special story highlighted in our newsletter this month.

We have a major event for December – Use hashtag #quicktrickcontest

Everyone who participated this month will be automatically registered in the December.  Details below…

Congratulations to our winner, Efrain Diaz!

Efrain’s email entry is as follows:

Dear QuickTrick,

I am the owner of a 69 Camaro pro-touring car. I built this car in my garage, compete in road course and auto cross events as well as street drive it to most events, work or whenever I just need to blast down a road.  I would love to win this tool so I can stop using a laser level, strings, tape, and rulers to get my alignment set up. Most places will not or cannot align my car to my liking due to the modifications it has and your tool would save both money and time getting my car ready for the next event or setting it back up for street duty.

Just what the home mechanic needs!


Efrain Diaz

December Drawing – We need your help and want to pay it forward!

**One of the biggest challenges we face as a small business is that people do not know our product line exists.  Did you know QuickTrick has alignment products for everything from go carts, can ams and cars to school buses, semi trucks & RV’s?’ We have even helped design products for our military in the field and an alignment system to help with toe in for a fighter jet!

So, we are asking you to help us on social media this coming month.  Here is our contest details:

The drawing for a QuickSlide Elite or Turnplates (Your choice) will be held on December 15th and announced on the 16th (Allows time for delivery by Christmas)

1.   We will post the details on social media – new entrants email prideandjoy@quicktrickalignment.com with why they should win (pictures are great)

2.   All entrants (including you) share the post with friends and neighbors

3.   When you win, you choose a QuickSlide Elite or QuickTrick Turnplates AND then we have a separate drawing for anyone you shared the original post with and they will get their choice of products as a gift from you! (You could always get a system and get your friend to get turnplates)

4.   Then, QuickTrick will donate the retail cash value of your winning systems to Victory Junction (@VictoryJunction  ) in your name!

  • A.   Email Entry
  • B.   Share Post
  • C.   Double win for you & a friend
  • D.  Pay it Forward to a great charity at Victory Junction
  • E.   QuickTrick wins with extra exposure and it feels great to give back!

Make sure to follow us on the Social Media channels below for more opportunities to win

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