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Tire wear is an outward indicator of alignment issues.

The tire wear is the symptom, not the cause.

There are only three reasons to need an alignment.

1. Worn steering or suspension parts.
2. Bent steering or suspension parts. Just hitting a curb can do it.
3. The alignment angles were not set correctly by the factory or the last shop.

If the angles are off and nothing is worn or bent, then the last shop didn’t do the job.

If you bent something or have worn parts or tires, this will cause tire wear and alignment variations.

It does not take much to be off and it is expensive to find out AFTER the tires are worn.

Some things to check:   SEE THE VIDEO BELOW

Are the brake rotors close to the same temperature after a drive? Check the temps with a gauge

Check your tire pressures as well. Raise the front wheels one at a time and spin the tire and check to determine if there’s any run out, tire wobble, or belts shifted

One of our Diyers recommends the following:

Take the front tires off and switch them. He had a slight pull on an MH and switched the tires and it went away.

GoodYear said if switching the tires did not cure the problem they’d replace the tire. It worked just fine. After about 9,000 miles he rotated them back and the pull was gone. That’s called a, “Radial Pull”.

The easiest way to check your tires is to use a QuickTrick or other old school method before making any long trips and AFTER!

Watch the video how to here: VIDEO How to: ***** As you can see, one person cn check this in 5 minutes or less.   *****

The average tire is $200 or more.  The average alignment is $120 and up, without repairs.

The QuickTrick DIY system can be used by anyone, without special training and is less than $400 with your exclusive RV Enthusiast coupon.

You can find the RV system here:     QuickTrick RV System

and use code “rv2017f” for 20% off at checkout.

If you have any questions about how to check any of this stuff send us an email and we will help.  Enter your email below for additional RV tips and savings announcements.

I hope this helps. I don’t like to see people paying for things that may not need to be done or being stuck on the side of the rod with a bad tire and worn parts.

More instructions from a QuickTricking RVer  LINK Tony O RV Alignment

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