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Support Carmine: Reached 37% of Target! Miles to Go Yet…

Our crowdfunding campaign Carmine has got off to a rocking start on Indiegogo! We’ve reached 37% of target within a week of starting off the blocks!

Innovative, first-of-its-kind customized car care kit for every woman ‘Carmine’ is gearing up to start off on its mission to make every woman driver be prepared to help herself in car breakdown or flat tire situations with full knowledge about her own car’s exact requirements.

Pre-book your @Carmine with as little as $56 on Indiegogo – Save $19 (25%) on retail price!

To achieve production and launch of Carmine in the market by December 2016, Tess Winningham, founder and CEO of Carmine and Alignment Simple Solutions, is aiming to raise $9,000 in 60 days from the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that ends November 25, 2016.

Please support the Carmine Indiegogo campaign here.

Carmine will empower women drivers by making them more knowledgeable about their cars so that they can make informed decisions when it comes to auto repairs and car maintenance and can handle unexpected road side breakdown with confidence.

Get this handy and useful tool in your Carmine. Pre-book now.

Says Tess Winningham, “Women spend over $300 billion a year on car maintenance and repairs around the globe.  We aim to put a dent in that spending by educating women about their specific vehicle and providing a personalized option for roadside emergency kits, vehicle basics through video content from industry experts and exclusive access to new technology.”

Here’s what’s in your Carmine:

  • Your vehicle identity card with Year, Make, Model
  • Vitals cards for your specific tire pressure, alignment specifications, recommended fluids (Coolant, Oil, etc)
  • An illustrated photo of your engine bay for your make and model with indicators on where to place and check vital fluids
  • Tire Pressure  Gauge
  • Wheel Alignment Specs
  • Brookstone Safety Flashlight and Tool
  • Exclusive Carmine Membership that will unlock your access to:
    • Exclusive discounts and exciting new technologies for your total vehicle experience
    • How to videos by industry experts
    • Forums for discussion, and more.

Please let your friends, family and colleagues know about us!

You can support Carmine crowdfunding campaign with as little as $10.

For just $112, pre-book 2 full Carmines as your early Christmas gifts

Get your Christmas gifts early with Pre-booking 2 full Carmine’s for you and a friend or loved one for just $112.

Save $37.90 (25%) off the $149.90 Retail Price + 10% off on all QuickTrick products.

“Carmine, like all QuickTrick products, is dedicated to giving back.  We have partnered with the MTJ Foundation (http://martintruexjrfoundation.org/), dedicated to support underfunded cancer initiatives specific to ovarian cancer & childhood cancers,” said Tess, adding, “We have committed to 5% of annual profits going to this great charity indefinitely.”

Why Carmine? 

Women drivers face a lot of challenges – the fear of road side breakdown, unnecessary auto repairs bills, car maintenance. Besides the lack of knowledge about your car only make the matters worse.

Most men don’t blink twice before changing a flat tire, replacing a headlight, replacing wiper blades or simply checking basic fluids and preventative maintenance. But most women shy away from any hands-on or DIY approach.  Carmine is aimed at helping every woman be fully prepared to deal with and avoid car-related emergencies with knowledge and confidence.

If you know someone who might be interested in Carmine, please feel free to share the details with them.

You can support us with a donation or help share our campaign on your social media accounts.

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Help us make our Carmine Crowdfunding Campaign Bigger & Better! 

We have 7 weeks to go starting today! 

Let’s go change the world. Let’s change the myth about women drivers. Let’s change the way women understand their cars!

Thank you in advance from all of us at Carmine Team!

With deep appreciation,

Carmine Team.

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