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How to Center my Steering Wheel

How to Center my Steering Wheel


One of the most common questions we get is:

How do I center my steering wheel?

Does the QuickTrick center my steering wheel?

I have my alignment straight, but my steering wheel is off center.  How do I fix this?


Rack and Pinion Steering only


On each of the tie rods (rods coming out of the steering)

there is a nut on each one on each side, right and left

You have to loosen those nuts on each side

Turn either the right side clockwise or the left side counter clockwise (or reverse that)

If you turn the right side a half turn, you will then have to turn the left side a half turn.

You will have to play with them until you have the steering wheel centered, but that is the process.

Mr QuickTrick says….:

When you turn the tie rods

If you turn the right a half turn clockwise

Then the  left counter clockwise, you will see the steering wheel move and be able to tell which side needs to go in and which one needs to go out

This process will also keep your alignment in check

We found a good video instruction set up from J Dawg on Youtube

Make sure to show him some love for the visuals

****Please be safe in every change you make to your vehicle.  Your steering and alignment are no joke.  If you are ever unsure, ask.. It is also important to know that we provide information based on Mr QuickTricks 50+ years of experience of working on vehicles.




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QuickTrick Steering Wheel Holder

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Alignment Simple Solutions, Mr QuickTrick and any QuickTrick products cannot diagnose any vehicle issues on line or over the phone.  We will not be held responsible for any changes you make to your vehicle, but we are happy to offer knowledge based on our hands on experience.

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