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FM3 Roadtrip, Quicktrick and FUN – Hoover Alabama

FM3 Roadtrip, Quicktrick and FUN – Hoover Alabama   – GET 10% OFF NOW WITH COUPON CODE fm32017

Alignment Simple Solutions, home of QuickTrick products, is opening their doors to all of the FM3 Roadtrip participants who need to make pre and post event suspension adjustments or road ready repairs.

QuickTrick doors will be open for 4 – 6 vehicles at a time and plenty of parking for those waiting.  Bay doors open Sunday, April 23rd at 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM and again on Monday evening from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Roadtrips and Racing are hungry work, so we will set up in Hoover with Hot Dogs, Drinks & Condiments on Monday the 24th from 12:00 PM – 3:30 PM.  We will be grilling and chilling.

Several QuickTrick alignment kits and turnplates will be made available for use at the shop and at the track for anyone needing to make their own adjustments.

We are less than 11.4 miles from the track.

ALSS – QuickTrick

109 Clark Street

Pelham, AL 35124

Additional or advance information:  Email tess@quicktrickalignment.com

****Side note, thanks to Buddy Buchanan for reaching out.

Cross Post from FM3 site:

​APRIL 24TH – 28TH

Featuring four autocross events in five days, along with a scenic cruise route and organized social activities each day, The Road Trip captures all of the driving elements that appeal to true grassroots automotive enthusiasts.  Each day of the event will start with a 100-200 mile cruise, followed by five hours of autocross, finishing up with a dinner and after party.  More than $70,000 in performance parts will be raffled off during the event.

The 2017 Road Trip – Cars & Cones will be held April 24th – 28th.  We will start our trip near Birmingham, AL and end up in Jasper, IN – something like this:

– April 24 – Hoover, AL – registration and autocross (early registration will be available Sunday April 23)
– April 25th – Nashville, TN – cruise to Nashville then autocross
– April 26th – Bowling Green, KY – cruise to BG, autocross then cruise to L
– April 27th – Louisville, KY – Bus tours to Bourbon Trail, Churchill Downs, other Louisville points of interest
– April 28th – Louisville autocross, cruise to Jasper IN, Ridetech party

Precise venue details and cruise routes are still to come – Registration is NOW open and selling out FAST!

 Click Here to Register
Cross Post from BangShift   
That’s right folks, BANGshift’s own Chad and Daphne Reynolds will be cruising the country one week from today with some of the coolest hot rodders and parts manufacturers in the biz. We’ll be behind the wheel of one of Ridetech’s cool hot rods, and we can’t wait to start watching the mile markers go by in the lovely mid west. Oh, and besides an awesome road trip, we’re also going to be autocrossing the wheels off our machine each and every day. Oh and then there is the guided trip down the Bourbon Trail as well. Wait, what? Yeah, read on. This one is going to be awesome
Watch it live here:  BangShift Live
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