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“BURN OUT CANCER” Cancer, We’re coming for YOU. Finish Line Speed Shop

“BURN OUT CANCER” Cancer, We’re coming for YOU. * SEMA 2017 * Finish Line Speed Shop

We are proud to support the efforts of such great people and causes.  We hope you enjoy the story and will find a way to support the efforts. ~ QuickTrick Family

The SEMA Show,That is all that needs to be said explaining the love, passion, blood, sweat and tears that create a world wind of emotions for automotive enthusiast, attendees and builders.
Finish Line Speed Shop is a hotrod shop that was humbly started by a man who hung up his regular every day job of 20 years to start a business building dream rides for the people in his community. The family business grew very quickly.
Even with the quick success, there still seemed to be something missing.  Together with his family, in 2015 HotRod builder Lyon McClenahan of Finish Line Speed Shop, decided to start giving back to others. This began #ProjectGivingBack.

For the 2017 SEMA Show, Finish Line Speed Shop and “#ProjectGiving Back” have decided to build a Full Custom GMC C-30 Dually and our cause will be for Cancer Research. Proceeds will go to the world-renowned Fred Hutch Center in Seattle, Cancer has hit us or someone close to all of us at some point or another. Lyon was almost 8-years-old when his dad passed away due to complications from brain cancer. Tom was 34. One of Lyon’s favorite stories about his dad reveals the true “never let anything stop you” stubborn streak both Tom and Lyon possess.

The full story here: Burn Out Cancer

At 33, Dana Colon was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. As everyone knew she would, with the support of her family and friends, she beat the disease. At 41, free from her original diagnosis, Dana was diagnosed with a different form of breast cancer. She beat it again. Dana had a great few years of kicking cancer’s ass. Unfortunately, at 44, one more time, Cancer reared its ugly head. This time Dana was diagnosed with stage IV. Doctors say Dana will never be cured. Currently, Dana is busy proving cancer will not control her life, she is a warrior, refusing to allow the darkness cancer brings to outshine the positive radiant attitude she shares every single day. #FightLikeDana is real.

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Our SEMA 2017 build is dedicated to trying to “Burn Out” Cancer. Proceeds from our build will be donated to Cancer Research in honor of all those effected.

Together, let’s “Burnout Cancer” with the BC-30 1967 GMC Custom Dually!

Full Story:  Burn Out Cancer


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