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Just a few recent reviews we want to share!

“Thought I’d pass along a note I received from Daniel in Grand Rapids, MI.

Just last week I was in Detroit to attend a 2 day Maintenance Leadership Team meeting for the area. As part of the meeting, we did some “hands-on” training with the BVA 2100 Electrical Tester and the new QuikTrick alignment tools.

We spent time “rubbing some tires” and letting them “talk to us” while getting a better understanding of the various scenarios that can cause tire wear and driveability issues, whether they are on the front or the rear end of the bus. Then, after we had made our “best guess” as to what we thought we were going to find…we brought out the alignment tools and took some measurements. Guess what? Yep….the tool verified what we had learned in minutes and provided a quick way to make the needed changes. No need to jack it up, scribe the tires, “guesstimate” while measuring between treads and all that hoopla

Daniel – NELLC”

Thanks Dustin and All for the great pictures


Thanks all!!!  You can see more reviews and testimonials here

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