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QuickTrick Wheel Alignment Instructions by AutoRestoMod

QuickTrick Wheel Alignment by AutoRestoMod

An in depth look at wheel alignment with Jeff Ford at AutoRestoMod.  Check out their instructional videos on their youtube channel here:  AutoRestoMod

The QuickTrick system pictured here is the Pick 3 with P/N 90097 (Now P/N 416467)and Turnplates P/N 60004

Available here on site or at any of the following:

Mac Tools Franchisee’s, Eastwood Company, Summit Racing, Amazon

Jeff Ford-Host of Autorestomod
Jeff has been in the car hobby since he received his first Matchbox car at the age of 4. Since that time his mother declared that he could, at will, turn any conversation into one about cars. His life long love of the mechanical and beautiful art that is automobile lead him to edit Mustang Monthly, Legendary Fords and finally to host Autorestomod, a creation of his own making.

Cameron “Cam” Chambers  – Occasional co-host of Autorestomod
Our very own red menace, Cam has a degree in diesel tech, a love of classic cars and a mean hand at pan shots (anyone that can keep Larry in frame is nothing short of amazing).

Thanks Guys!


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