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Black Friday – Cyber Monday Holiday Promotion, New Xtreme & Give-a-Way

Holiday Contest  – Make sure to review all the way to the bottom!

This is our 3rd year running this contest and we hope you enjoy the benefits!

A little sharing, a little giving and paying it forward always pays off for everyone.

Here is how it works:

**One of the biggest challenges we face as a small business is letting people know our products exist.  You can’t find QuickTrick products in Auto Zone or Advanced Auto and you never will.  We do not want to compromise our quality just to meet a shelf price and we want to continue manufacturing in the USA.

We have products for everything from go carts to can ams; trucks to cars; school buses, semi-trucks & RV’s AND We have even helped design products for our military in the field and an alignment system to help with toe in for a fighter jet!

So, we are asking you to help us on social media this coming month.  Contest details:

  1. Like this post to follow for notifications and then Share this post on any social media channel using the hashtag #quicktrickcontest
  2. Watch this post for the name announcement on December 10th (IMPORTANT) Respond to the announcement via email if your name is tagged here.


  1. Respond to us within 24 hours with your choice of QuickTrick products from below: (You can check these out on the website in advance)
    1. 90004
    2. 90011
    3. 90059
    4. 90028
    5. 90066
    6. 60004
    7. Xtreme 

Provide your address for shipping for your win AND we will ship your choice of a 2nd item to your friend as a Gift

    1. Example 1: You get a QuickSlide and get your friend a set of Turnplates
    2. Example 2: You get a set of turnplates and get your friend the new Xtreme
    3. You keep it all and don’t tell us

Last but not least, we will make a $250.00 donation to Victory Junction in your name. We love this place and so will you  http://victoryjunction.org/

  • Share Post
  • Double win for you & a friend
  • Pay it Forward to a great charity at Victory Junction
  • QuickTrick wins with extra exposure and it feels great to give back!

**If you need want your QuickTrick items Now, use the 20% off Coupon Code “202017” and we will refund you when you win!

This sale only happens two times a year!

Make sure to follow us on the Social Media channels below for more opportunities to win

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