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Top 3 reasons we love Aero Products – 2019 Highlight QuickTrick Partners Series

Top 3 reasons we love Aero Products


1 – Great People

2 – Great Product

3 – Made in the USA

About this blog post series:


We want to give a shout out and recommendation to some of our favorite products, partners and supporters.  This is the first in the 2019 series.

In this post: Aero Detail Products

The Racers Edge

Classic Cars and Boyd Coddington build detailing

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The Racers Edge

Every racer is looking for a differentiator.  We have a secret weapon for you.  A little weapon in a bottle called AERO SHIELD DIAMOND 10H Ceramic coating.

The 10H hardness makes this the most scratch resistant product On the market.  It also leaves a 7 to 10 micro barrier of ceramic behind. This is 3 times that of their leading competitor. 

This means a deeper gloss, and more protection for your surface.  It also means that once you put your decals or wrap on, you are as good as gold for vehicle finish on any track.

The crystallization process cures to a hard, high tension shell, making the Surface ultra-slippery.  Track debris, dirt and grime will not ding or adhere to this product Adding to the already high slipstream effect.   It makes sense that an Aero Detail product is perfect for the best aerodynamics for your racer.

AERO SHIELD DIAMOND 10H Ceramic coating. can be applied to any painted surface, glass, plastic and vinyl.  (including wraps)

Stickers will not stick to this product, but the performance advantages are endless. 

Classic Cars and Boyd Coddington build detailing

We were introduced to International Aero Products at SEMA in 2013.  One of our favorite people in the world, Jo Coddington, has  been a  spokeswoman with the company for years.  Jo told us that AeroDetail products are the only products she will use on her 40 and other vehicles, but until you use Aero products, you can’t understand why there are die hard fans of these little bottles.  You know if Jo uses it on her Boyd built 40, it is the best offered on the market.

There are plenty of products to choose from, with a wide range of prices for your budget.  

Bottom line, we love this product and the people behind the product.  Make sure and check them out at AERO Detail Products and use the exclusive coupon code to save in checkout “quicktrick”.


Check back with us or subscribe to the newsletter to see more recommendations.  This series will run throughout 2019 and beyond.

Thanks for supporting QuickTrick and our partners.

More on Aero Detail Products

International AERO


AERO began in Long Beach, California over 30 years ago as a local car wash and detailer by our founder and CEO, Jonathan Saltman.  With his passion for airplanes and cars, he earned his pilots license at the age of thirteen. Thus, expanding his business of auto detailing into aircraft as well.

International AERO built it’s reputation as one of the largest private airplane detailers globally winning the prestigious “Vendor of the Year” award from Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation for it’s dedication to excellence.



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