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Ready to Race, Restore, Repair??? We’ve got you covered.

Ready to Race, Restore, Repair??? We’ve got you covered

It’s that time of year and we are ready to help you perform to the best level possible, no matter what your ride.

We have re-released the seasonal QTA aluminum system and we released the new Xtreme mid 2017.

Between racing, car shows, restomods and repairs, we have the perfect line up of lightweight, aluminum QuickTrick’s to pair with drive on turnplates, AND your ready to race coupon code:  Use code “RACEREADY” in checkout to save on all QuickTrick performance products for the season.  (Pictured below)

During the off season, we have been busy with helping our Military customers and setting up the School bus fleets as well as looking for grassroots motorsports enthusiasts to support in 2018.

After 4 long years of work, we have been awarded our GSA Contract to service the Department of Defense and our US Military worldwide.

We also launched an upgrade campaign for previous QuickTrickers who purchased products in our first few years.  If you have a classic Quicktrick or one before there were aluminum attachment pins, call or email us for information.  info@quicktrickalignment.com or 205-475-2419.

As far as events this year, we hope to see all of you while we are supporting the following and more:

Lucky Dog Racing


FM3 RoadTrip

We also picked up a few new Ambassadors.  Welcome the following to the Quicktrick family.  There are many more and we have some new items in store.  We appreciate your continued support of QuickTrick and Made in the USA.  Please take a few minutes and let us know what you are doing this year and how we can help!

Lars Wolfe

The University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Race Team

Mr & Ms QuickTrick & Team

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