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QuickTrick at work for the Military!

Modified Prototype – Fighter Jet System – QuickTrick SL JET Align?

Modified Prototype – Fighter Jet System – QuickTrick SL JET Alignment?

We thought you all might like to see this as an example of what can be done with American Ingenuity and as a testimonial to the demand for this new system.  80″ Toe bars that we made to flip for easier shipping and the material is aluminum for lighter weight.

We received a request from a defense contractor after they saw the system and here are the photos of the revised prototype.. A whole new industry.. We never thought about the need for a toe in measurement on airplane tires, but they need the additional resistance when landing to help the jet stop and the force pulls the tires back out.  Our system can allow them to re-adjust after each landing, when needed and will save them over 150,000 a year for this one squadron.

American ingenuity!  What can we build today?

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