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Top 5 Reasons we love GridLife

TOP 5 Reasons We Love GridLife


It’s time.  The dog days of Summer and anticipation.  We have been a partner of the GridLife movement since the beginning.  We have to thank them for continuing to include us as the community has grown.  They could have easily left us behind for the big sponsor dollars, but they made a point of working with us to keep us involved in their success.  BUT, that’s not the only reason we love GridLife.  So, since it’s that time when we just want to pack and go, we are killing some time writing about going to the best event of the Summer at GridLife

Here’s the breakdown of what we love.

The Music: 

The expectancy when you don’t know who may show up.  Sure, you hear some names before the show, but you never know for sure who else will pop in.  The festival nights pop off the adrenalin high of the day and the crowd comes together with an energy that’s contagious and you just live in the moment.

There’s a kind of euphoria you get.  There’s no heat, no cold, just a connection with the artist and the crowd around you.  It’s amazing.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Ludacris, Waka Flaka Flame or someone you never heard of in your life..It’s just Nirvana!


The Anticipation:     

We’re in this now.  It’s the week before and you wake up at 3 in the morning thinking about packing and leaving now to be there in 4 or 5 days when you know its only going to take a day to get there.  You plan what you’re going to do on the way, who you’ll see first, what you want to do to your car, how will it turnout. do you really need clothes?  Forget it, just grab a toothbrush and drive! (Maybe some deodorant and red bull)


The Cars:

Hell yeah!  What will we see this time?  The first thing you do when you get in the gate and park?  Go see everyone and catch up on what’s new.  Crazy techniques, new looks, performance tweaks, stance crazed show cars, different tuning theories.  The tech talk is flowing and you feel like your home with your favorite family.


The Track:  

The tracks are amazing to drive.  So many choices between the startup #HPDE, #Time Attack, #Drifting and even some #Autocross.  It’s like being a kid in a candy store, but you get to have it all.


The Community:  

There’s no place else, that we’ve ever found, where you can meet so many people who are willing to


share, talk, help and come together in the spirit of a shared love of performance and all things automotive.  No joke, there is no where else where you can experience the diversity of cars, goals, knowledge and more.  Great experiences that last and can carry you through the next year of waiting.  Hitting up old friends, making new friends and building that network of people you will spend the next 9 months talking to about the next events.

We even love the hangover.  You know you get it too!  It’ll take a week to recover.  Your first few days are sleep and fog and searching through social media for pictures, video and shots of your car.  As you start to recover you pay closer attention to the pictures and videos and start to get that tingle of inspiration and anticipation that starts the waiting cycle all over again!  What will you do to get ready for next year?  What’s happening on forums?  How can you get just a little more caster?  A little more horsepower, some extra tires?  And how about that new QuickTrick?  And then you start your Christmas list!

Look for us at GridLife next week and ask Gil about the exclusive GridLife discounts and freebies.

Travel safe my friends.  See you at Road Atlanta

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