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Best Value Wheel Alignment Equipment – Top 10 things to consider

Best Value Wheel Alignment Equipment

 Top 10 things to consider


I recently read this article, and there is good information here. I feel there’s a lot of information missing.

Original Article from PRNEWSIRE 


MADISON, Ind., Aug. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Increasing the revenue-generating power of your shop by adding wheel alignment services doesn’t need to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. You just have to think ahead.

Here are six things to consider when choosing the right alignment equipment for your shop.

Your shop’s space limitations:One of the main reasons shops outsource wheel alignments is because they don’t have space to accommodate the large front-of-the-bay camera towers that are part of most alignment systems. In these situations, consider mobile alignment systems that don’t require these bulky towers, giving you back 5 to 8 feet of space at the front of the bay.

Time-wasting processes:With some systems, technicians must perform the time-consuming and physically demanding process of rolling compensation in order to get an accurate alignment. This requires physically rolling the vehicle backward to allow the alignment head spindle to turn approximately 45 degrees and then rolling it forward. But there’s an easier, faster and safer way. Alignment equipment that uses advanced technology to eliminate the need for runout compensation will produce faster, accurate readings, increase productivity, and create a safer working environment.

Signal reliability:Losing the signal on your cell phone is annoying. Losing the signal between the targets on a vehicle and the camera tower is costly because you can get inaccurate measurements or need to repeat the alignment process. Choosing a system that doesn’t need a tower eliminates the interference risk to ensure an accurate measurement the first time.

How tall your techs are: Some alignment systems have height limits and can only be used when lifts are set at certain heights — which may not be the most ergonomic and productive heights for all the technicians in your shop. Choose equipment that anyone in your shop (now and in the future) can use comfortably.

Your budget:Thanks to new players in the market, it’s no longer necessary to pay a premium price for a premium alignment system. Shop around to find the best deal on equipment that meets your specific needs.

What kind of lift you want to use: Some alignment equipment can only be used with certain types of lifts, limiting your options. Look instead for a company that can provide a full range of lifts that are compatible with its alignment instrumentation, so you can get the best package available to maximize efficiency and profitability for your shop. 

Thanks to Rotary (http://www.rotarylift.com/Wheel-Service/Wheel-Alignment/ ) for the initial article that sent me on this journey to provide additional information.

(End original article)

Additional options and information:


So, we decided to add to your options, give you more to ponder and additional considerations.

The Rotary alignment equipment offerings start under $20,000.  This does make them a reasonable alternative to some of the larger companies out there.  Once again, there are other, much less costly, solutions and many that will cost you a lot more.

Other choices include Hunter Wheel Alignment (http://www.hunter.com/alignment-systems) systems, Atlas Alignment Systems (https://www.atlasautoequipment.com/product-category/wheel-service-equipment/alignment-machines), and some of the smaller companies such as TruAlign (http://trualign.com/) And there are more ranging from consumer vehicles to semi-trucks and more.


More specific points to consider:


Shop revenue streams (how much space to you want to dedicate to alignment, home DIY alignments, track alignment, grassroots racing alignment, as well as custom builders and stance vehicle alignment.

When we made the first QuickTrick system, it was used to adjust our alignment at the track.  We started manufacturing for friends and other grassroots racers because there was nothing else out there that offered the ability to measure caster, camber and toe that would be portable, easy to use and inexpensive.

Once we listed on eBay, we found there were a wide variety of people, around the world, who were looking for a solution and we sold kits in over 68 countries in the first year, while manufacturing in the garage.

BUT, I digress!  Let’s get back to your needs.

Most shops I speak with are looking for a way to increase revenue, without assuming a large debt and without tying up a large space in the shop.  There are a few options every shop owner considers, but here is the biggest one to me. 



Alignment Equipment at $15000 (being conservative)

Limited to consumer size vehicles only

Space needed (Conservative) 25 Foot length x 8 Foot width

Access to power and internet

We will skip expense of interest on a loan, need for a certified calibration tech and the software updates with each model year.  Simplicity is key.

That being said, the average alignment check will bring in $65 – $150.00, depending on the vehicle.

If your shop is open 10 hours a day, and you can book 8 alignment checks a day, that will give you about $520.00 – $1200.00 a day in alignment revenue.  With those base numbers you can figure in how long it will take to pay the machine off after paying your mechanic, energy bills, etc.

Now, that is just one example, but I tried to take the least costly option for the standard alignment equipment. 

If you are a grassroots racer, home DIYer, shop which offers large and small vehicle service or mobile mechanic, the above is not an option for you.

We provide QuickTrick as an alternative.


All QuickTrick alignment systems are equally accurate to ANY alignment equipment you can purchase.

You can stock your shop, race car, truck and home garage with the perfect equipment for your vehicle or any vehicle from consumer to semi-truck and Military size for less than $1000.00 for a complete QuickTrick solution that will cover any of the above.   Check the pricing here

“How can a QuickTrick do all that?” you ask?  Easy, we provide a variety of sizes in each kit and combination packages designed for your home alignment, shop alignment, track alignment!

Check Reviews here

QuickTrick systems come with a digital gauge which is as accurate as any machine, but also give you the zero feature to account for unlevel pavement in your garage or at the track.

QuickTrick alignment systems come in ranges of 13-18” wheels, 15-20” wheels, 17-22” wheels and complete systems with 13”-22” and 15″-24″ wheels.  Our toe measurements allow for tire sizes from 20” – 44”, AND because we manufacture in house, we can customize.

There are QuickTrick’s in over 100 country’s used for professional and amateur racers, DIYers, Shops, Fleets, Military, Public Transport, ATV alignment, UTV, CanAm, Go-Carts and even Jet Fighter Planes that require constant camber and toe adjustments for landing on carrier decks and in all terrain locations.  QuickTrick fleet systems are used on over 25,000 school bus alignments in North America.

A 3rd party test proved that QuickTrick is equally accurate and, in several cases, more accurate than any big dollar machinery.  An alignment machine, of any kind, is only as good as the operator reading the specs and the calibration of the equipment.

QuickTrick alignment kits do not require a bay, certified calibration technicians or software updates and a power outlet.  Anyone, with no special training, can use a QuickTrick to get a complete measurement of all angles in less than 10 minutes and less than 5 with practice.

A cautionary note, we have less than a 1% return rate on our QuickTrick systems.  We offer a 15-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship.  Most of our returns come from those who do not understand the angles.  You must have a basic understanding of caster, camber & toe alignment in order to use a QuickTrick to meet your goals.  If you have never investigated the details of alignment and angles, then QuickTrick is not for you.  We are here to help in any way we can, but we cannot diagnose alignment issues over the phone.

So, in closing, explore your options before making a choice.  If we can be of assistance, just reach out.

If the QuickTrick did not exist, we would still be doing it old school over alignment equipment.  As Mr. Quicktrick says, “String don’t lie!” and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing things old school!

Happy to help!  Reach out anytime.

Tess aka The Alignment Maven



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