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Grassroots Racers Checklist (PDF Download included)

Grassroots Racers Checklist (PDF Download included)

A Bonus addition for Endurance Races

We have compiled a lot of information here.  We hope this helps you prep, have fun and compete to your best ability.  It is impossible to cover it all, but we hope this information will benefit all of our QuickTrick family (present and future) this season.

This is not a comprehensive list for first time drivers.  If this is your first track day, we recommend this great article by Jack Baruth, a longtime racer, instructor and writer for Road and Track Magazine.  This article is written with first time track days in mind.  ARTICLE:  WHAT EVERY TRACKDAY FIRST TIMER NEEDS TO KNOW


Basics: BEFORE you go to the track

Check your tuning

Check your fluid levels.

Check your Brakes

Check your tires

Check your hoses (fittings)

Check your fuel and then fill it again before getting to the track.  (Check nearby gas options for re-fueling that are away from the track if you are looking to save dollars.)

Have a location and plan for getting to the closest pull-a-part and/or parts store


Things to have on hand:


1Qt of motor oil.  You will want to check your oil levels regularly

2 Bottles of lubricant

1 Spare set of brake pads for front and rear

1 Spare set of front rotors (optional but helpful)

1 Helmet (check regulations for each series and make sure you have the right gear)

1 Bring a tire pressure gauge.

1 Torque Wrench for lug nuts

1 jack + jack stands

1 At least 1 gallon of fluids meant to replenish.  (Red Bull will not help you here)

1 Roll Painter’s tape or similar

1 Roll Grip tape

1 Duct tape (because duct tape fixes everything)

1 Some type of organized box or container for easy access to your race gear and items

Window cleaner + paper towels.

General automotive tools (needle nose plyers, wire cutters, roll of wire, hammer, lug wrench etc., Alignment tools (QuickTrick preferred ))

Something for laying on the ground (Blanket, cardboard, yoga mat, etc.)

Plenty of protein snacks and salty stuff

1 bottle of Sun Block

Lots of rags

1 Impact wrench

1 Breaker bar

1 Cooler

Something to catch loose fluids.  Oil, etc

Zip Ties


1 Set hose clamps


Important notes taken from winning drivers

WATER and GATORADE first and foremost. I have seen people go off the track, just straight off the track, as if they were not even trying to turn at a corner.  Later, when asked why, it was because their brain had just failed due to dehydration.  I have also seen people lose a half day at the track from dehydration related headaches.  Both instances mentioned above were clearly results of a lack of HYDRATION.  This is SO important that some instructors in NASA will not even let you come to class without a bottle of water, Gatorade or some other sports drink

I know this is related BUT the food at every track I have been to is sub high school cafeteria status.

A Chair. No explanation needed

A Hat. Whether it is cold, hot, rainy or perfect, you will be grateful to have the hat!

Pen and paper. It is important to take notes and to be able to write stuff down.

You will need to torque your wheels after most sessions. You can get these at Harbor Freight for cheap.  There is really no excuse NOT to have one.  They are important to staying alive.

It is very important to monitor your tire pressure. You should check your pressure HOT every session.  Get one with a bleeder

Always make sure you have the right stuff for various regulations in each track and/or series.

CHECK YOUR FLUIDS AND TIRE PRESSURE AFTER EVERY SESSION! These things change.  Pay attention to your pressures and fluids and you will stay on the track longer and stronger.

QuickTrick Race Day Checklist


Talk with your drivers and remind them that two hours of fast laps are wasted with just one spin, black flag or wreck.

Use a checklist to make sure you don’t forget any parts, pieces or tasks.

Be ready to handle fire!!!

Safety gear is more important than anything. SFI-rated is best in most cases.

You will appreciate some rain gear.

Corner-weight your car.

Have a pitstop plan

Have real time communication between the pits and the driver.

Have a backup plan if the radios quit working.

At a minimum, have a spare set of calipers, rotors, wheels and tires–with tire pressures set–plus any other known failure prone parts for your specific car.

Quick-fill jugs

Every driver should have a Coolshirt or similar cooling system. Checkout our friends at Glacier Tek for reasonable prices and a better technology than most pump systems.

A few additional tips for an overnight race. Endurance and team

  1. Test your driving lights and window tints/shades ahead of time. Don’t waste time at the track setting this up.
  2. Get some unique marker lights for your car ahead of time. All the cars look alike in the dark and it helps your crew track you if you have a unique light on the roof or on the side. Just don’t use colors that look like emergency vehicles and nothing flashing.
  3. Having a dedicated meal prep plan
  4. Have fun!

QuickTrick Race Day Checklist



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