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Leading the way – A tribute to Automotive Mom’s

Leading the way – A Tribute to Automotive Mom’s

We thought it would be fitting to celebrate Mother’s Day with a few  leading ladies in the Automotive Enthusiast Community.

You may or may not be familiar with these humble heroines. These three women are known for different areas in the industry and have all supported our passion for speed, beauty and fun.  We think men and women alike will value their contributions. 

This weekend we honor all Mother’s with a special shout out to these special Mom’s.

Cathy McCause-Fuss – For the love of speed in any vehicle


We met Cathy during her days with Chump Car.  She is one of the few who remember when the QuickTrick systems were still made in our garage and cooked in our kitchen stove.

Cathy is an amazing woman and the proud mother of two intelligent and beautiful girls and an amazing dirt tracker of a son (there’s a story behind this).  Her superpower off track is Marketing expertise.  For years Cathy has removed the helmet and donned a suit, much like Clark Kent without the phone booth to change or maybe Selina Kyle with her catwoman suit verses office admin.  

Regardless of the analogy, she has proven to be a global force at everything she puts her hand to and makes an art of giving back to many charities.  You can find Cathy’s touch on many pet and Veterans charities.

Today, Cathy is best known for the West Coast Lucky Dog Racing series for fun and affordable racing without all the bull.  Cathy founded the racing series with her husband, Greg Fuss.  Both of their girls have spent time behind the wheel, and you could call the close family unit a “Racing Family” with a lot of side interests.

Cathy and Greg are committed to family and putting enthusiasts behind the wheel and on the track in a safe and fun atmosphere. 

We wish Cathy the very best of Mother’s Day blessings.  We and all enthusiasts are grateful for her dedication to the sport and her skill at wearing so many hats with grace.

Jo Coddington – Racing, Celebrity and appreciating the beauty of vehicles from the past & present


Most people know Jo from the first reality based Automotive TV Show, American Hotrod.  We know Jo as a loving Mother, talented spokesperson and incredible friend.  Some folks call her the “friend whisperer” because she has spent years putting her friends together for mutual happiness and success.

Many people have no idea that Jo started racing as a young girl.  Having a name like “Jo” allowed her to blend in with the boys back in the early days.  Jo is also a savvy businesswoman who held in her own in the financial industry many moons ago.  She went on to spend many years as a single mother raising two boys who continue to be her heart and soul and gave her the greatest gift of grandchildren.

These days you are most likely to find Jo being her most comfortable self, hanging out with her grandchildren in the water, an ATV or shopping and cruising in her 1940 Boyd Built Ford.  But she is equally comfortable at automotive events as a spokesperson for the finest automotive products and events like International Aero (She swears by and will not use anything else on her Boyd built 40 Ford), IOLA Car Show and many others.

Jo is an uplifting spirit, a wonderful mother and a constant inspiration to young women everywhere.  If you ever have an opportunity ask Jo to share her story with you over coffee, vodka or a vintage 40 Ford.  You will be inspired!  Happy Mother’s Day Jo, thank you for being you!

You can check out Jo’s most recent interview on The Muscle Car Place, just released here: (Starts 25 min in) and follow her scheduled events on her JoCoddington.com

Jo’s Interview on The Muscle Car Place

Karen Salvaggio – Racing, Building and creating platforms to uplift women racers around the globe


Karen is an amazing Mother to her own children as well as mentor to hundreds.  You may have seen Karen a few years ago on Detroit Muscle wrenching with a few others on an all-woman build that included Jo Coddington and other notable automotive women.

Many of us know Karen from the track and being a most excellent spokesperson for Factory Five Racing, but there is a lot of history to this woman.  If you see Karen at the track or lifting up others at any event, make sure you thank her for her service.  That’s right, Karen is a veteran of the US Air Force.  Her first crew chief role was on B-52’s and KC-135 Aircraft.  Karen went on to master several degrees and a doctorate and then spent more than 25 years serving our children in the education system. 

In between her dedication to serving others, Karen has fostered her love of motorsports from the age of 22.  She holds several track records and more than 150 victories.

These days Karen is enjoying being a mother, grandmother and heading up Thunder Valley Racing.  She has also dedicated herself to a group effort of lifting young women in the racing industry at Shift Up Now.  Karen was invited to be part of the leading team of this great organization and is Executive Director and Chief Cheerleader for her friends and young women everywhere.

The mission of Shift Up Now is to see all women step on the gas, navigate corners, use the brakes and drive through life with courage and confidence.  If you know a woman interested in motorsports and seeking guidance, make sure to check out their efforts.

We wish Karen the happiest of Mother’s Days and all the best in her future efforts.

We wish all Mothers the very best this weekend and beyond.  We hope you will join us in celebrating women everywhere and check back for our heroes next month for Father’s Day.

If you would like to honor your Mom or Dad, email us a picture and a brief story and we will add to this post and include the men for Father’s Day.  Email us at info@quicktrickalignment.com






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