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How to read alignment specifications – QuickSpecs Alignment Specs

The perfect solution for all non-commercial vehicle alignment specifications

How to read alignment specifications                           

Wheel Alignment: Reading Specifications


A visual explainer with the QuickTrick on reading camber. 

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This chart contains different methods manufacturers use for displaying wheel alignment angles. The specifications in this chart are for the front and rear of the vehicle.  Not all vehicles have adjustable front and rear.




Caster is a stability angle, measured in degrees. There is no caster setting for the rear of a vehicle. The caster in this vehicle should be +2.9 degrees with a range of plus or minus 0.5 degrees considered still in range of acceptance.  The acceptable caster range on this vehicle would be +2.4 degrees – +3.4 degrees.


The camber angle is  -.09 degrees with an acceptable reading of plus or minus 0.5 degrees.  Your acceptable range is -0.4 – +1.3 degrees.


The specifications for toe are read in fractions of an inch or degrees.  The QuickTrick systems utilize inches or metric.  (Tape measures come in both)  In this case, we would shoot for as close to 0 toe in or out as possible.

QuickSpecs by QuickTrick®

QuickSpecs database provides you with unlimited automotive alignment specifications for all non-commercial vehicles sold in North America from 1960 – 2019. (Updates coming soon)

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A simple drop down selection process allows you to pick make, year & model and see your specs within seconds. The QuickSpecsTM product is the perfect partner for your QuickTrick® Alignment System and all of your automotive needs.

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Watch more DIY Videos HERE
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